Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Save the Date!

It’s time for a party!  A garden party, that is!

I love gardening and seeing other people’s gardens, so now’s your time to show off your botanical beauties!

Here’s how it works.  May 17th, I’m going to post a MckLinky for you to add your Garden Party post.  I'll even have a button for you to put in your sidebar! 

I understand we are all live in different climates so if you don’t have veggies or flowers up yet, you can show off your rows of seeds, freshly pruned hedges, or even what’s in the green house. 

What, you don’t garden?  That’s ok.  You can show off your flowerpots, houseplants, and heck even your Zen garden (just be sure you raked it well!)  You might want to include any issues you are having, trade secrets, or learning experiences you may have.  A reader might be able to lend a hand or learn something from you.

After you’ve posted your link, you can tour other blogs to see what they are up to.  You might be able to learn a thing or two or find some inspiration!  You get to tour gardens for a whole week!  That’s seven days of horticulture without the worry of bees, pollen, snakes, and the fear that you might be told to pull a few weeds!

Guess what else is happening!  In September, we are going to have Round 2!  You can’t forget about all the lovely mums and crop harvest!  I expect to hear if your corn only grew 2 inches, the wisteria swallowed your house whole, or if you are drowning in tomatoes.  You can even share your plans for next year!

So mark your calendar and grab your straw hats; I’ll provide the sweet tea and lemonade! 

Let's some see some gardens!


thenextmartha said...

LOVE this idea and might do another in July. We can't even put annuals out until the middle of may. I'll see what my garden is doing then and send a few pics. Maybe I'll have some delphiniums in bloom.

Katrina said...

Great idea! Im so excited to post my pics of my veggie garden..I need some flowers..