Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

Just like any otherr spring, we've been plauged with plenty o' rain.  On the few occasions that it's been sunny (and even warm!) and I've needed to do laundry, our clothes line has become the dryer of choice.  Our current house doesn't have a fence so the whole neighborhood can see me air my *clean* laundry, but I've promised TF that I won't hang up his undies for all the world to see.  I have, however, dried Mama Cloth along with Baby Cloth!

I don't think I have a "thing" for fleece blankets.  Really!

As you can see LBG has been having fun in the sun!


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sharing my love of cloth--- With the Whole neighborhood!

It has been raining quite a bit here lately which means my journey into the backyard entails a slosh through a mudbog.  Something I'm trying to avoid at all costs. 

Even so, LBG has 4 dipes that are desperately in need of Mother Earth's stain removal services.  Since I wasn't about to give myself a mudbath just to lay them out on the platform above our slide, I had to deploy plan Expose-LBG's-Skidmarks-to-the-World.  I pulled my bright yellow porch table out into the driveway and percariously arranged the dipes so the sun would hit the stains. 

I had hoped LBG and I could sit outside and play in the sun for a little while, but it was a bit chilly and he's outgrown most of his warmer clothing, so we played inside with all the blinds pulled up and the front door open (the storm door was closed.)  We all know time flies when you are having fun- and raising a child- so I have no idea how long they were out there, but it was long enough for me to get my sweet little boy down for a nap and fold up a few items of laundry. 

I walked outside to check on the status of the stains.  I was very much focused on my final destination and when I got there I almost had a heart attack!  Someone ran off with two of my diapers!!!!!!!!  I find it really hard to believe that someone on my street in the middle of a small town in the mid-south would actually be interested in fluffing their kid's bum.  I only know of 4 people cloth diapering people in my area, a mommy friend, two mom's who sold me their stashes, and myself.  It's a fair bet to say we are the only 4. 

As I slowly come out of my state of shock and see the highschools, just got off the bus, come waltzing down the street- I look around and see on off to the far side of the front yard, mere inches from the street A DIAPER!!!!  PHEW, not all is lost in the world.  But where in the world is Wonderoo #2?  I knew I should get those silly Wonderoos sold.  They don't even enjoy living in LBG's diaper pail!

There she was-"she" becuase it's pink and really male babies wear pink diapers occasionally- slowly creeping her way into the neighbor's yard!  Thankfully, not the one across the street.  Just the one next door, who moved in less than a month ago, under the cover of darkness.

I'm pretty sure Neighbor saw the diaper nearing her property when she was getting her mail.  I'm also pretty sure she is now giving me the major side-eye but I don't care becuase I love cloth diapers and I love sharing the love... in a very, very strange sort of way!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Food and other tiny thoughts

If a little boy giggles each time he takes a bite of sweet potatoes, does that mean he likes them? 

I'm going to venture out and say quite possibly! 

So far, LBG has tried quite a few fruits and veggies.  Some of which are definitely his favorites and others he couldn't care less about.  Here is the run down:

Avocado- hates with a firey passion
Apples- Ok, not the greatest things in the world, but they are food and so they will be eaten
Carrots- Yummy!
Green Beans- Holding onto first place with a death grip!!  The kid attacks the spoon and has gagged himself on numerous occasions. 
Squash- Edible.  He doesn't seem to like butternut over acorn or vice versa.
Pears-Super Yummy!
Sweet Potatoes- giggle inducing
Rice Cereal- was good until other grains were tired, now it's yucky.  He will be trying brown rice soon.
Oatmeal- Yum!
Whole Grain Cereal- A big win for the grain family

Today is LBG's last day of mandatory sweet potatoes, so from now on I'll be rotating through our stash of purees.  I don't think it's polite to mix two foods together, but I'll definitely prepare two different ones so he can have more of a "meal."

Generally speaking, his grains and fruits are served in the morning cold, and veggies are warm in the afternoon.  That's how I prefer to eat so I offer it the same way.  He hasn't exactly complained... yet!

I'm also in the process of teaching him how to drink out of a cup.  So with each meal, he gets to drink 1 Tbsp of water from a shot glass an infant sized cup!  He hasn't exactly gotten the hang of it just yet, but I'm sure with practice he'll get better.  

Back to sweet potatoes- Let me give you a visual for a moment.  Last night while eating sweet potatoes, LBG decided to take matters into his own hands because I wasn't shoveling them in fast enough.  Keep in mind he is still sitting in my lap to eat since he's outgrown the bumbo and can't quite sit unassisted just yet.   

As the spoon comes near his mouth, he grab the spoon and "helps" guide it into his mouth- completely missing and getting some in his eyelashes.  Then as I'm holding the bowl in one hand and the spoon in the other to scoop out some more, he reaches into the bowl and scoops out a handful- Hand is then shoved into mouth.  What doesn't make it into his mouth is now being worn by me.  Yay!  Of course, I forgot to put a bib on him and don my rainslicker.  By the time dinner was over, he was covered from his slopping the potatoes all over the place, my shoes, arm, and jeans were all potatoed!

I can't wait until he is about to sit unassisted because I'm just going to strip him down and let him have at his food.  No need for me two get a food bath, ha!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Earth Hour- Our Story

I had every intention of blogging about Earth Hour before the even occurred, but I've been a very busy mama and didn't get the chance.  This year was the first year we've participated--or at least made the attempt.

 Earth Hour is one hour locally across the globe where people turn off their lights in honor of acknowledging the changing climate.  I could write a whole blurb about it, but it's just as easy to refer you to the official website

So here is how our evening went down:

The Father and I put LBG to bed and settled down on the couch with a bottle of wine, crackers, hummus, and some candles.  It was almost like being forced to have a romantic evening!  Things were going great until mayhem broke loose!  The dogs, who were outside, decided to wake up the whole neighborhood.  We had to turn on the porch light and let them in the house.  Of course, life wouldn't be complete with out LBG waking up.  He was so thoughtful and left us a GINORMOUS gift in his diaper!  coughcoughThankYouSweetiecough!

I may be on my way to being Super Mom, but I haven't exactly mastered the art of changing a diaper in the dark.  I tried doing it by the light of one of TF's Civil War lanterns, but it just wasn't throwing enough light on the situation.  So a lamp had to be turned on. 

Kid back to bed and mom on the couch with her man. 

Then we see lights pulling into our driveway.  Hrm, we weren't expecting visitors.  Porch lights back on.  False alarm, they pulled into the wrong driveway.  A bit on the scary side, if you ask me. 

Back on the couch, I go.  Before I knew it, I was slightly intoxicated- being on the wagon while pregnant didn't help my liquor holding inabilities- and fast asleep.  Don't worry, TF was stone-cold sober, we aren't that irresponsible.

At some point I crawled into bed and awoke this morning feeling insanely rested.  Turns out LBG slept from about 8:50pm until 6:30 am!!!!  I owe it all one small hour while participating in an awareness campaign!

Next year, will you please join my family as we celebrate Earth Hour?!

Friday, March 26, 2010

A Scary List, an Annoying List,and an Awesome List

Neither The Father nor I have lived in a neighborhood where there has been a Home Owner's Association.  We really don't know what to expect.  In fact, it's making me really nervous!  What if we aren't allowed to have a clothes line or rain barrels?  Or TF can't wash his car using the water from said rain barrels?  What if there are some rules that make absolutely no sense whatsoever? 

But, in all honesty, I'm really not too worried about it becuase we will be installing a six foot privacy fence.  What they can't see won't hurt 'em right?  Unless of course someone rats me out and we have to take down the clothesline.  I really don't foresee these being an issue, but I do know that some HOAs don't allow clothes lines and that's just sad.

Our realestate agent is working on getting us a copy of the rules so we can review them before making our list of plans for our new home. 

We now have the list of recommended repairs from the home inspector.  Nothing too major, but a few annoying things like the master toilet needs new fixtures in the tank and the there is some peeling paint outside (we'll get back to that in a moment.)  TF and I are going to try to do most of the repairs ourselves, but for a few we'll be hiring a good ol' handyman.   

Here is what we'd like to do:
While we are fixing the master toilet we'll install a duel flush kit
Rain barrels- at least two in the back for our gardens
Heavy curtains in the south facing windows which happen to the be front of the house
Install Evolve shower heads
Install digital thermostat- I'd like one with a remote if possible

Of course our compost bin will be moving with us this time around.  I think I might have even convinced TF that I need a super fancy one for my birthday.  We'll see if it happens. 

I'm super excited to get this show on the road!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'm Gettin' with the Times

I'd like to think I started the "Green" trend because I started using cloth bags and recycling a week before my local Kroger started selling their cloth bags.  Yay for being semi-hip.  Ever heard that saying "if the music is too loud, you're too old?"  Ok, well today's day and age seems to be more of the "if you don't have myspacefacebooktwitter, your must be at least a century and a half old!"  OOOOOOoooooK. 

I have facebook, and still have a barely used myspace account.  Does that make me old because tweeting isn't part of my daily repetoire?  Never fear, I've remedied the sitch.  You may now stalk follow LBG and I via Twitter. 
Ya see that little box over to your left?  Thar she be! 

Happy Tweetin'!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Volcanic Dog Wash?

It's amazing what can get done while your kid sleeps!  LBG has been having some sleep issues which we resolved this week.  Long story and I'll probably be awarded the Worst Mother of the Year award.  Long story short, he wasn't getting enough to eat.  If I was told to go to sleep hungry, I'd be miserable too so I can't blame him. 

Ok, back to the subject at hand.  This morning I decided I'd be ultra super ambitious and give our small dog, Frida, a bath!  It's not a hard task when your dog is small enough to fit into the kitchen sink, but finding the time an energy is a totally different story. 

Who cares if she spends 75% of her day outside- her choice, not mine- or the fact that it's raining.  She needed a bath and that's all there is to it. 

In there "green" community, there is a term known as "No-poo."  Basically, it's using baking soda and vinegar -3rd grade volcano, anyone?- to wash your hair rather than shampoo.  I'm not adventurous enough to involve my own locks, but I'll gladly volunteer my scruffy 18lbs of pooch.  The Father and I have washed Frida this way before and liked it so much, we'll continue using the technique.

Here's how it works:
Cast of Characters:  Baking Soda, Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV,) water, a large cup, and your K-9 companion.

The Technique:  With your dog in the tub, sink, buck, toilet (I don't ask questions!) wet them down really well with warm water.  Dump a bunch of baking soda on your pooch and massage it in.  Don't worry you can't use too much.  Fill your cup with 1 part ACV and 3-4 parts warm water and dump over your dog.  Massage the fizz around.  You will probably see the dirt start to run off.  You can either repeat the process if you want to do a second wash, or rinse Fido off with lots of warm water.

Please try to contain your amazement when you see dirty, nasty, grossness run off your puppy.  A really cool fact about using this process is that it doesn't strip out all of the hair's natural oils so their skin won't dry out as easily.  Same process applies to your own hair but it will take at least a month of using the technique before your hair stops feeling oily all the time- or so I've been told/read.

YAY!  No more stinky pup.  Of course, after I got her all dried off, she wanted to go back outside.   Oh well, I tried.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

We've Got a Winner!!

I wanted to do this a little earlier in the day, but Mr. Energizer Bunny had other plans.  Many apologies.

With out further ado...

#9 Jackie, you have won yourself a beautiful set of bowls and flatware! 

Here is what her family does to be more eco-friendly:
Blogger Jackie said...
I cloth diaper to be more eco-friendly.

Please email me at within 48 hours with your address so I can mail out your package! 

Thank you to everyone for reading my blog and voting for me!  I enjoyed reading what your families do to be a bit more green!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Giveaway!

As promised, I have something to give away!!!

When I was shopping for bowls and spoons for LBG, I came across a really cool company called Dandelion.  It's a company that has eco-friendly items for baby.  This is how super cool they are... they have all types of tableware made from corn!

As I've mentioned before, we are attempting to avoid BPA as well as plastic in our kitchen.  Bowls and spoons that aren't made from plastic or metal= Perfection!  Amazon made a few bucks off me as I ordered 2 bowls and 6 infant spoons.

At first glance, they look just like yellow plastic.  I don't know what I was expecting them to look like in person, but I was in love.  Everything is super light weight and the spoons were small enough for LBG's tiny mouth.  The spoons have a handle on the long side which is fun because LBG likes to help feed himself on occassion.  The bowls have these cool tabs on the side that make them easy to hold.

There is one drawback if you could even call it that.  They are handwash only and not exactly microwave safe.  I have lots of handwashables so it isn't a big deal for me.  I quickly found out why they aren't recommended for the dishwasher and microwave while washing dishes last night.  The super hot water (it was steaming) actually softened the bowls.  Not melting soft, but soft enough that I could feel it change shape when I pushed my finger into the bottom.  As soon as they cooled off, all was well again!  I wouldn't put piping hot soup in the bowl, but a few freshly steamed green beans aren't going to hurt.

Now, onto the good stuff!  Since I love all my readers, I have something fun for you!

I have a beautiful package for two bowls and a set of 8 utensils!  That's 2 bowls, 4 forks, and 4 spoons!

Alrighty here is how to win!
Please leave a comment for each task and I'll be drawing using on Sunday, March 21!

1. Leave a comment telling one thing your family does to be more eco-friendly.
2. Follow my blog publicly.
3. Get friends to follow me publicly.  Leave a comment for each one and who they are.
4. Vote for me on!  It's that little brown icon in the top righthand corner.
5. Write a blog entry about these goodies!

Good Luck, dearest readers!

Oh yes, can't forget the fine print!  I'm not cool enough to have companies provide me with items to review... not yet at least, so no one has provided me with these products or asked me to do a review.  I purchased them with my own hard earned cash. 

Our house... In the middle of the street

I haven't talked to much  about our house buying adventure.  I believe that it is possible to jinx a wonderful situation and I just wasn't going to have that happen. 

Early last year, we listed our very first house on the market.  The Father was getting out of the Army and we knew we weren't staying in the area.  We loved our house and our neighborhood.  How can you not love your first house especially when it was in the perfect neighborhood complete with the "crazy cat lady" living next door?  It wasn't big enough for LBG, our two dogs, two birds, and us.  Sardines, anyone?

We sold it for our asking price, but it left us in a percarious sitch- TF had taken a temporary job an hour away and we had animals.  He were very rushed to buy that house and we didn't want a repeat.  But, at the same time, who is going to rent us a house with 2 dogs, one of which is over 100lbs?  As luck would have it, we found a house in our same city about 15 minutes away who would let us live there month to month. 

In the meantime, TF was offered a permenant position at his current job!  We started to look for houses in the Big City.  In December, we found our dream house.  It was listed as a short sale and we jumped on the opportunity. 

Short sale= we'll move in in 2 weeks... WRONG!  Come to find out, it was in the process of becoming a short sale.  The bank hadn't chosen their representive yet or even knew the price of the house.  The selling agent had listed it at a price that she thought was fair.  We offered a few K lower and asked that they pay the closing costs.  December, January, February March brought us news!  We were one of 5(!) offers on the house!  The bank was just collecting offers before they started doing their work. 

The second week of this month, a representive was assigned to the property and appraisal was done.  Meanwhile, another stick was thrown into the spokes on the wheel of life.  TF would we away almost the whole summer!  We made the decesion that if we didn't hear anything regarding the house, we were going to have to go with a conventional sale on a house we knew we'd win. 

Then yesterday happened!  I was at lunch with my mommy's group when TF called.  He said the bank looked at our offer (it was submitted first since we offered first) and countered... if you could even call it that.  They wanted 7k more than the asking price, we'd have to pay all back utilites/HOA fees, we cover the closing cost, and the house is sold as is.  With a big ol' stamp that said FINAL OFFER.  I cried.  These people probably stopped paying their stuff when they moved out last year!  There is no way we could afford it plus, it isn't our job to pay other people's bills. 

Last night our REA called us back and said there no unpaid fees and gave us the break down of costs.  Know that this is our *dream* house and that there are a few more families who'll gladly take the house-- and of course fighting with a corporation, known as Chase Bank, would be a losing battle, we've decided we can handle it.  We don't want to lose this house.  Of course, if our inspector says we need thousands of dollars in repairs done, I'll kick him in the shins and we'll walk away from everything.

You are probably wondering what is so special about this house. 
Just imagine: 5 bedrooms with a closet in the master that could be a 6th room, 3 full bathrooms, a two tiered deck that overlooks a HUGE backyard (the lot is 0.4 acres and there is very little front yard!) and a private path down to a lake.  Not to mention, simple things like an open floor plan down stairs, a huge walk in pantry, and a two car garage.  Sounds like a dream right?  From what we understand, the original owners camped out on the lot so they'd be the first ones there to buy it!

This house will give us plenty of room to grow, our dogs will have more than enough yard and I'll be able to have all the gardens I want.  The Father will be able to take LBG out on the lake to fish or just explore the woods.  We could even possibly grow veggies for LBG to enjoy.  With a 6 foot privacy fence in place, the backyard will be LBG's own secret garden. 

So now I have a job for you... Please keep your fingers crossed that the inspection goes well and we will be able to enjoy this house for many years to come. 

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Curious Case of the Green Glop

LGB was supposed to begin solids on the 17th of this month.  We pushed the date forward by a week or so due to The Father leaving for a business trip.  I wanted him to expirience all that there is to expirience when it comes to eating food for the first time.

Don't worry, on the 17th I'll still be posting a giveaway because it's awesome and I want to share!

Here's the run down:

My favorite website at the moment is  I have a baby food book that is also helpful, but WBF goes more in depth.  WBF says that avocados are great first foods and many of my friends have offered them to their tots as a first food.  The best part is that you don't have to cook them.  Just slice 'em up mash with a little breastmilk/formula and away you go!

Neither TF nor I like avocados.  They make great face masks but that's about it.  It would be great if LBG likes them.  He will have a favorite food that is all his own.  As I was slicing up 1/2 of the first avocado, I handed a slice to TF and he took a bite.  The next step was horrific... he barfed it up into the sink!  How's that for not liking them? 

We mashed up the slices, mixed with some formula and offered it to our sweet little boy.  I've never in my life seen a baby react the way he did.  We're talking sealing his lips shut after the first bite, trying to escape the bumbo, looking every where except the woman who birth him and shoved the green glop into his mouth.  We tried a few more bites he refused by spitting it out. 

We thought he might just not like the way they tasted with formula so we mashed up the other 1/2 and thinned it with a little filtered water.  Same reaction.  This is not what trying your first food is supposed to be like.  It's supposed to be about messes and funny faces.  Not a baby crying and looking at you with fear in his eyes. 

He's had random bowls of rice cereal and never fought it this badly.  I mean, he didn't exactly get any of the cereal down, but there was no fight. 

From my research, you are supposed to feed the same food for 4 days to see if there is any reaction in the way of allergies.  As dinner time rolled around (it was really middle of the afternoon late lunch) I looked at the 3 remaining avocados and just couldn't force him to eat something that he seemed to hate.  We moved on.

The next food on our list was green beans.  Again, a green food but this time a veggie.  We decided to compare reactions.  TF and I both tried the green beans and deemed them edible- something we couldn't exactly say about the avocado.  We could have given him a bad one and would never know.

Holy cow!  My little boy LOVES green beans!  The kid was attacking the spoon!  I couldn't get them in his mouth fast enough.  He devoured an entire 1 oz ice cube portion with in 2 or so minutes.  I guess he really didn't like the avocado.  Today will be day three of green beans and he is still happy as a clam.

Our plan in that when he is 6 month old, we will be doing a modified version of baby-led weaning and will be offering him many of the foods we eat in their original form.  He will still be offered purees but he will also be handed a whole steamed green bean.  We will try the avocado again when were get to that point.  He can mash it with his fingers himself and maybe he will like it better with nothing added to thin out the consistancy.  Always worth a shot!

Next up: Apples! 

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Food, baby style

First let me start off by saying that making baby food is highly addictive!  You could probably call me a baby food junkie!

So far, I've made carrots, green beans, apples, pears, and sweet potatoes.  I'm gearing up to make squash! 

I thought it would be fun to chronicle my carrot puree-making process!  Please keep in mind that a regular 'ol blender and steamer basket can do the same job- but I like gadgetry!

Step 1: Whole carrots.  I used to buy baby carrots because they were so cute, but then I learned there are no such animals!  Baby carrots are just regular carrots cut down on a lathe.  Ooooops!
Step 2:  Wash the carrots.  I just rinsed them off in some warm water.  Nothing fancy so I didn't take a photo.

Step 3: Skin the carrots and cut the ends off (not sure if you really need to cut the ends off, but I did.)  Make sure you save all the scraps for the compost!   

Step 4: Chopped up carrots cook better, so have at it!

Step 5: Fill up the steamer basket with all of your nicely chopped orange yummies!

Step 6:  Start up the sauna!  Steam those babies until they are soft!


Step 7: All done cooking!!  Don't they look amazing??

Step 8:  Puree!  If it's a bit on the thick side, you can add some of the cooking water in to thin it out.  Carrots are high in nitrates, so I used some filtered water instead.

Step 9: Load up your ice cube tray.  Ours came with a handy lid, but I'm sure plastic wrap will work just as well.

Step 10 and 11:  Freeze and then transer to a different storage container so you can reuse the ice cube tray.  I didn't photograph these steps because they are fairly boring.  Don't forget to label the containers.

I originally intended to use pyrex, but I found something cooler on my Target excursion.  Anchor makes some really cool glass storage containers with BPA free lids!  We bought a few and will be buying more as we go along.  Eventually these will become our everyday storage containers!

Lessons learned- Pear sauce tastes much better than apple sauce!  Who woulda thunk'd?!  I think I'll be canning a few jars this fall for the whole family to enjoy. 

Friday, March 5, 2010

Save the Males

No, I'm not talking about The Citadel. 

Check this article out.  Someone posted it on's green living board and I just got around to reading it. 

Scary stuff! 

Oh and for the record- I think frogs are nasty!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Practice Makes Perfect

Ok, Ok, I know... perfect practice makes perfect. 
Perfect practice is NOT what we did last night.

Yesterday, I came home from my cackle party (mommy get together) to find a beautiful box on the front porch.  My heart started to flutter and a tear came to my eye- it was a sign that baby food making was about to commence!

I came inside with LBG sleeping in his carseat, let out the dogs, and then ripped open the box.  I saw my LBG's newest piece of kitchen gadgetry... the glorious Beaba BabyCook!  ::swooooooooon::

As soon as The Father came home from work, I cooked dinner, and decided we needed to test out our new slice of fun!  We had a bag of carrots in the fridge that were slightly past their prime.  I'd bought them to remind us to eat more veggies but apparently it didn't work.  They weren't as fresh as I'd like them to be for LBG to eat, but they were fine for practice.

Carrots have a lot of nitrates in them which aren't good for wee tots, but you can cut down on them by removing the peel and not using the cooking water to thin the puree out.  Buuuuuut, for my practice session, peels were left on.  Yup, I was that lazy!

I chopped up 4 carrots to do my test batch.  Steamed 'em up, then pureed the tar out of 'em!  All using one little machine!  I was afraid that the carrots wouldn't be fully cooked becuase the instructions didn't say how full to fill basket.  Suprisingly, they came out perfect!

The Father took a taste or 3 and deemed them decent enough to feed LBG knowing full well that using better quality carrots would taste even better. 

I plopped the orange slush into my nifty babyfood icecube trays, snapped on the lids, and there they sit in the freezer.  I need start my pyrex collection in which the ice cubes will live in once they are solid.  That might be a fun thing to do today.

The usage of pyrex is a double task.  We have taken on the challenge to make our kitchen plastic free by the end of the year.  So once we are finished with babycubes we'll have some beautiful pyrex for storage!

Annnnnnnd, without much further ado: The big news!  LBG will be beginning his solids soon and in honor of the day, we'll be having a giveaway!  I have something super cool... so stay tuned!