Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Wheels on the Bike

Today I retrieved our bikes from the garage and prepared them for use.  My bike needed some air in the tires and a nice massage, I mean dusting. 

TF's bike needed major surgery!  I'm not afraid to play in some grease so I re attachted the chain.  Something I've never in my life done.  I must also add that I didn't need to ask Sir Google how to do it!  After a quick massage dusting and the bolts on the seat tightened, both bikes are ready for the road!

Tomorrow LBG might get to go on his very first bike ride!  We'll see how the weather is and what his mood is like.  I don't think I want to try to balance on two wheels with a squirmbot strapped to my back.  Just imaging everything, I feel very European!  Now I just need to decide which carrier will get the job done, HA! 

When I lived in Connecticut, I used my bike quite a bit.  It was great for quick errands and a great workout.  We now live in a city that is far from pedestrian/ cyclist friendly so TF and I settle for just riding around our neighborhood.  We'd really like to invest in a rack for the car, but it's not anywhere near the top of our list of *needs.* 

Hopefully, once we move, we'll be able ride around more since we won't be confined to the 3 streets of our neighborhood.  Our new neighborhood- if we ever get to move in!- has lots of small streets with little traffic so it will be the perfect place to teach LBG how to pedal his trike!

Wouldn't it be so much fun in TF and I were able to ride our bikes everywhere we needed to go?  LBG could be a backseat biker rather than a backseat driver!