Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sharing my love of cloth--- With the Whole neighborhood!

It has been raining quite a bit here lately which means my journey into the backyard entails a slosh through a mudbog.  Something I'm trying to avoid at all costs. 

Even so, LBG has 4 dipes that are desperately in need of Mother Earth's stain removal services.  Since I wasn't about to give myself a mudbath just to lay them out on the platform above our slide, I had to deploy plan Expose-LBG's-Skidmarks-to-the-World.  I pulled my bright yellow porch table out into the driveway and percariously arranged the dipes so the sun would hit the stains. 

I had hoped LBG and I could sit outside and play in the sun for a little while, but it was a bit chilly and he's outgrown most of his warmer clothing, so we played inside with all the blinds pulled up and the front door open (the storm door was closed.)  We all know time flies when you are having fun- and raising a child- so I have no idea how long they were out there, but it was long enough for me to get my sweet little boy down for a nap and fold up a few items of laundry. 

I walked outside to check on the status of the stains.  I was very much focused on my final destination and when I got there I almost had a heart attack!  Someone ran off with two of my diapers!!!!!!!!  I find it really hard to believe that someone on my street in the middle of a small town in the mid-south would actually be interested in fluffing their kid's bum.  I only know of 4 people cloth diapering people in my area, a mommy friend, two mom's who sold me their stashes, and myself.  It's a fair bet to say we are the only 4. 

As I slowly come out of my state of shock and see the highschools, just got off the bus, come waltzing down the street- I look around and see on off to the far side of the front yard, mere inches from the street A DIAPER!!!!  PHEW, not all is lost in the world.  But where in the world is Wonderoo #2?  I knew I should get those silly Wonderoos sold.  They don't even enjoy living in LBG's diaper pail!

There she was-"she" becuase it's pink and really male babies wear pink diapers occasionally- slowly creeping her way into the neighbor's yard!  Thankfully, not the one across the street.  Just the one next door, who moved in less than a month ago, under the cover of darkness.

I'm pretty sure Neighbor saw the diaper nearing her property when she was getting her mail.  I'm also pretty sure she is now giving me the major side-eye but I don't care becuase I love cloth diapers and I love sharing the love... in a very, very strange sort of way!