Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

Just like any otherr spring, we've been plauged with plenty o' rain.  On the few occasions that it's been sunny (and even warm!) and I've needed to do laundry, our clothes line has become the dryer of choice.  Our current house doesn't have a fence so the whole neighborhood can see me air my *clean* laundry, but I've promised TF that I won't hang up his undies for all the world to see.  I have, however, dried Mama Cloth along with Baby Cloth!

I don't think I have a "thing" for fleece blankets.  Really!

As you can see LBG has been having fun in the sun!



Michelle Murphy said...

What type of clothesline are you using? I talked my husband into letting me get one and I'm not even sure what's available or works well.