Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Our house... In the middle of the street

I haven't talked to much  about our house buying adventure.  I believe that it is possible to jinx a wonderful situation and I just wasn't going to have that happen. 

Early last year, we listed our very first house on the market.  The Father was getting out of the Army and we knew we weren't staying in the area.  We loved our house and our neighborhood.  How can you not love your first house especially when it was in the perfect neighborhood complete with the "crazy cat lady" living next door?  It wasn't big enough for LBG, our two dogs, two birds, and us.  Sardines, anyone?

We sold it for our asking price, but it left us in a percarious sitch- TF had taken a temporary job an hour away and we had animals.  He were very rushed to buy that house and we didn't want a repeat.  But, at the same time, who is going to rent us a house with 2 dogs, one of which is over 100lbs?  As luck would have it, we found a house in our same city about 15 minutes away who would let us live there month to month. 

In the meantime, TF was offered a permenant position at his current job!  We started to look for houses in the Big City.  In December, we found our dream house.  It was listed as a short sale and we jumped on the opportunity. 

Short sale= we'll move in in 2 weeks... WRONG!  Come to find out, it was in the process of becoming a short sale.  The bank hadn't chosen their representive yet or even knew the price of the house.  The selling agent had listed it at a price that she thought was fair.  We offered a few K lower and asked that they pay the closing costs.  December, January, February March brought us news!  We were one of 5(!) offers on the house!  The bank was just collecting offers before they started doing their work. 

The second week of this month, a representive was assigned to the property and appraisal was done.  Meanwhile, another stick was thrown into the spokes on the wheel of life.  TF would we away almost the whole summer!  We made the decesion that if we didn't hear anything regarding the house, we were going to have to go with a conventional sale on a house we knew we'd win. 

Then yesterday happened!  I was at lunch with my mommy's group when TF called.  He said the bank looked at our offer (it was submitted first since we offered first) and countered... if you could even call it that.  They wanted 7k more than the asking price, we'd have to pay all back utilites/HOA fees, we cover the closing cost, and the house is sold as is.  With a big ol' stamp that said FINAL OFFER.  I cried.  These people probably stopped paying their stuff when they moved out last year!  There is no way we could afford it plus, it isn't our job to pay other people's bills. 

Last night our REA called us back and said there no unpaid fees and gave us the break down of costs.  Know that this is our *dream* house and that there are a few more families who'll gladly take the house-- and of course fighting with a corporation, known as Chase Bank, would be a losing battle, we've decided we can handle it.  We don't want to lose this house.  Of course, if our inspector says we need thousands of dollars in repairs done, I'll kick him in the shins and we'll walk away from everything.

You are probably wondering what is so special about this house. 
Just imagine: 5 bedrooms with a closet in the master that could be a 6th room, 3 full bathrooms, a two tiered deck that overlooks a HUGE backyard (the lot is 0.4 acres and there is very little front yard!) and a private path down to a lake.  Not to mention, simple things like an open floor plan down stairs, a huge walk in pantry, and a two car garage.  Sounds like a dream right?  From what we understand, the original owners camped out on the lot so they'd be the first ones there to buy it!

This house will give us plenty of room to grow, our dogs will have more than enough yard and I'll be able to have all the gardens I want.  The Father will be able to take LBG out on the lake to fish or just explore the woods.  We could even possibly grow veggies for LBG to enjoy.  With a 6 foot privacy fence in place, the backyard will be LBG's own secret garden. 

So now I have a job for you... Please keep your fingers crossed that the inspection goes well and we will be able to enjoy this house for many years to come.