Sunday, March 7, 2010

Food, baby style

First let me start off by saying that making baby food is highly addictive!  You could probably call me a baby food junkie!

So far, I've made carrots, green beans, apples, pears, and sweet potatoes.  I'm gearing up to make squash! 

I thought it would be fun to chronicle my carrot puree-making process!  Please keep in mind that a regular 'ol blender and steamer basket can do the same job- but I like gadgetry!

Step 1: Whole carrots.  I used to buy baby carrots because they were so cute, but then I learned there are no such animals!  Baby carrots are just regular carrots cut down on a lathe.  Ooooops!
Step 2:  Wash the carrots.  I just rinsed them off in some warm water.  Nothing fancy so I didn't take a photo.

Step 3: Skin the carrots and cut the ends off (not sure if you really need to cut the ends off, but I did.)  Make sure you save all the scraps for the compost!   

Step 4: Chopped up carrots cook better, so have at it!

Step 5: Fill up the steamer basket with all of your nicely chopped orange yummies!

Step 6:  Start up the sauna!  Steam those babies until they are soft!


Step 7: All done cooking!!  Don't they look amazing??

Step 8:  Puree!  If it's a bit on the thick side, you can add some of the cooking water in to thin it out.  Carrots are high in nitrates, so I used some filtered water instead.

Step 9: Load up your ice cube tray.  Ours came with a handy lid, but I'm sure plastic wrap will work just as well.

Step 10 and 11:  Freeze and then transer to a different storage container so you can reuse the ice cube tray.  I didn't photograph these steps because they are fairly boring.  Don't forget to label the containers.

I originally intended to use pyrex, but I found something cooler on my Target excursion.  Anchor makes some really cool glass storage containers with BPA free lids!  We bought a few and will be buying more as we go along.  Eventually these will become our everyday storage containers!

Lessons learned- Pear sauce tastes much better than apple sauce!  Who woulda thunk'd?!  I think I'll be canning a few jars this fall for the whole family to enjoy.