Sunday, March 28, 2010

Earth Hour- Our Story

I had every intention of blogging about Earth Hour before the even occurred, but I've been a very busy mama and didn't get the chance.  This year was the first year we've participated--or at least made the attempt.

 Earth Hour is one hour locally across the globe where people turn off their lights in honor of acknowledging the changing climate.  I could write a whole blurb about it, but it's just as easy to refer you to the official website

So here is how our evening went down:

The Father and I put LBG to bed and settled down on the couch with a bottle of wine, crackers, hummus, and some candles.  It was almost like being forced to have a romantic evening!  Things were going great until mayhem broke loose!  The dogs, who were outside, decided to wake up the whole neighborhood.  We had to turn on the porch light and let them in the house.  Of course, life wouldn't be complete with out LBG waking up.  He was so thoughtful and left us a GINORMOUS gift in his diaper!  coughcoughThankYouSweetiecough!

I may be on my way to being Super Mom, but I haven't exactly mastered the art of changing a diaper in the dark.  I tried doing it by the light of one of TF's Civil War lanterns, but it just wasn't throwing enough light on the situation.  So a lamp had to be turned on. 

Kid back to bed and mom on the couch with her man. 

Then we see lights pulling into our driveway.  Hrm, we weren't expecting visitors.  Porch lights back on.  False alarm, they pulled into the wrong driveway.  A bit on the scary side, if you ask me. 

Back on the couch, I go.  Before I knew it, I was slightly intoxicated- being on the wagon while pregnant didn't help my liquor holding inabilities- and fast asleep.  Don't worry, TF was stone-cold sober, we aren't that irresponsible.

At some point I crawled into bed and awoke this morning feeling insanely rested.  Turns out LBG slept from about 8:50pm until 6:30 am!!!!  I owe it all one small hour while participating in an awareness campaign!

Next year, will you please join my family as we celebrate Earth Hour?!