Monday, March 22, 2010

Volcanic Dog Wash?

It's amazing what can get done while your kid sleeps!  LBG has been having some sleep issues which we resolved this week.  Long story and I'll probably be awarded the Worst Mother of the Year award.  Long story short, he wasn't getting enough to eat.  If I was told to go to sleep hungry, I'd be miserable too so I can't blame him. 

Ok, back to the subject at hand.  This morning I decided I'd be ultra super ambitious and give our small dog, Frida, a bath!  It's not a hard task when your dog is small enough to fit into the kitchen sink, but finding the time an energy is a totally different story. 

Who cares if she spends 75% of her day outside- her choice, not mine- or the fact that it's raining.  She needed a bath and that's all there is to it. 

In there "green" community, there is a term known as "No-poo."  Basically, it's using baking soda and vinegar -3rd grade volcano, anyone?- to wash your hair rather than shampoo.  I'm not adventurous enough to involve my own locks, but I'll gladly volunteer my scruffy 18lbs of pooch.  The Father and I have washed Frida this way before and liked it so much, we'll continue using the technique.

Here's how it works:
Cast of Characters:  Baking Soda, Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV,) water, a large cup, and your K-9 companion.

The Technique:  With your dog in the tub, sink, buck, toilet (I don't ask questions!) wet them down really well with warm water.  Dump a bunch of baking soda on your pooch and massage it in.  Don't worry you can't use too much.  Fill your cup with 1 part ACV and 3-4 parts warm water and dump over your dog.  Massage the fizz around.  You will probably see the dirt start to run off.  You can either repeat the process if you want to do a second wash, or rinse Fido off with lots of warm water.

Please try to contain your amazement when you see dirty, nasty, grossness run off your puppy.  A really cool fact about using this process is that it doesn't strip out all of the hair's natural oils so their skin won't dry out as easily.  Same process applies to your own hair but it will take at least a month of using the technique before your hair stops feeling oily all the time- or so I've been told/read.

YAY!  No more stinky pup.  Of course, after I got her all dried off, she wanted to go back outside.   Oh well, I tried.


Ashly said...

Neat - wouldn't have thought to do it with the dogs. I cringe to think what is probably in the flea resistant stuff we use on our pooches.

FWIW, I've been poo-free for a couple weeks now and it's not as bad as I anticipated. I actually really like the way my hair looks and feels and the transisition was pretty minimal.