Wednesday, February 17, 2010

4 Months!

LBG is 4 months old today!
The grown-ups were right, kids grow up waaaaaaay too fast!  I can't believe that 1/3 of his first year has come to a close.  If anyone knows a way to keep him from growing up so fast, I'm all ears!

We could celebrate by cooking up some pureed peas for him to try, but we aren't.  At the advice of our pediatrician, we gave him a few spoons full of rice cereal for his reflux.  That was last week and yes, things change in a week, but we are certain he isn't ready to eat food.  We'll wait until next month and re-evaluate things. 

He did reach a really cool milestone this morning!  My sweet little boy rolled over!  He needed help the last 3 inches or so because his arm was in the way, but he did most of the work all by himself!  I nearly cried!  Soon we will have a mobile baby and that's just a bit scary!

Typically, The Father and I don't buy him gifts for his monthdays, but we did this time.  We ordered a dozen unbleached Indian prefolds for him!  New undies always make for a great gift!

Happy 4 Monthday, Peanut!