Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Exploring the Fabric Store!

Today I met up with a fellow mommy friend and her wee tot, who has the most contagious smile ever, (check out their blog!) and we went frolicing in the fabric store! 

We had a great game plan- buy fleece for making those blankets where you cut little strips in the fabric and tie two pieces together.  Do you know how much fun it is looking at fleece?  It's almost as fun as looking at flannel which is my all time favorite fabric.  I couldn't help myself and LBG will be getting 3 new blankets! 

I happened to come across some really cool fleece called Make it Green!  It is 30% recycled plastic and 70% polyester.  Isn't that cool that plastic bottles and such can be recycled to make fabric for fun crafty projects?  Two of the blankets will be made out of this fleece.
I bought this and another that I can't find a good photo of. 
I haven't quite decided if I want to tie them up into those cute blankets or just leave them plain and LBG can roll- not that he can really roll yet- around on them.  Maybe he will get one of each!

We'll tell him that he is all bundled up in his recycled Similac canisters!


~*Sammie y Gary*~ said...

I think we should hear more about this "mommy friend", she sounds fantastic

Aww...my little Jake does have a contagious smile <3 He loved being around Atticus & Sophia!!