Monday, February 15, 2010

Meatless Monday

Tonight we were in a bit of a pinch.  We didn't have any veggies other than a head of garlic, we'd eaten pasta last night, and I was out of eggs which meant no waffles.  I rummaged around in the back of the pantry and found a canister of Arborio rice-- Risotto, it was!

Our risotto consisted of sauted garlic, vegetable broth, and butter.  Twenty minutes of stirring gave us the most wonderful, creamy rice!

LGB even loved it.  Did he eat any?  No.  Did he sit in the kitchen while I cooked screeching his head off in delight?  You betcha!  I can't wait until he gets to try some of my culinary delights.  In just a few short months, he'll be dining like a big kid!

I'd share my recipe with you, but I didn't exactly use any measurements and risotto just consists of sauting rice, then simmering it for 20 while gradually adding in broth.  The fun part is that you have to constantly stir the rice for the entire 20 mins!  Talk about a shoulder injury in the making!


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