Friday, February 26, 2010

It's Grub Time!

As we promised, LBG will get to being eating purees soon!

He turns 5 months old on March 17th and we will celebrate by eating avacado!  I should mention that I'm not a guac. fan but I'm hoping he will like.  Oh yeah, The Father isn't a fan either. 

Being first time parent's we've decided to purchase as many unnessesary items as humanly possible.  Here are a few of tonight's purchases:

Gotta steam and puree the yummies somehow!

Dining on the fine stainless
These spoons and forks are made from corn! We also got two bowls.

There are a few other purchases that will be made soon.  I can't, well actually I could, empty the checkbook in one sitting!  I'll post more about them later, but items include a high chair, storage containers, a few Pyrex containers, and some more bibs.

Oh yeah, and a note about the highchair:  As you read in my last post, we were given an amazing 3-in-1.  It will be used as a highchair, but not right away.  Our dining area is carpeted and we are worried about it's stability.  We also won't have it finished in time.  Of course, can't forget that LBG is probably going to want to use it as a rocking horse/ desk.  Besides, it will be great to have a second baby sitting device for when we have dinner guest with small children in tow.