Thursday, February 11, 2010

We've started up again!

We've restarted our compost bin!  I can't tell you how excited I am to say this.  I was really beginning to miss how much fun was.

Our failed worm bin has been sitting on our deck since our little adventure.  Since it was just sitting there with shredded paper, some carrots, and an apple core, I might as well just continue to add to it.  Of course, it will be much smaller than our original bins, but it's still something and we can use it as a starter later on down the road.

I set out a bowl on the kitchen counter for compostables collections.  It will be emptied and washed every night so we don't get any buggies in the house. 

I haven't quite decided if The Father is being very resistant to this minor change, or if he really has forgotten how to compost.  Last night I found a full coffee filter in the trashcan and leftover fried rice in the bowl.  hrmmmmmmm... slightly backwards!  It's ok, he'll get the hang of it soon enough.  Plus, I remember how much he enjoyed having homemade fertilizer for his veggie garden (that's a whole other story- I might tell you one day.) 

The coolest part about restarting our compost collection is that when it's ready in the summer of 2011, LBG will get to use some in his very first flower pot!  Yes, I fully intend to help him plant a seed when he is 1.5 years old!  It will be something fun for him to watch grow.   Maybe by that time we won't have to use a shovel to mix up our bin.  Hopefully, we'll have a bin mounted on a stand that uses a crank to spin the bin around thus mixing everything up.  I bet he'd have fun turning the crank!

Yay!  I can actually feel like I'm not wasting our kitchen scraps. 


A Baby Peach said...

OK you might have to teach me how to do this!!! I've always been interested in composting, but don't quite "get it". And I want to start a garden this Spring to grow some of our own stuff. Can you write a post about your garden too?We have such horrible soil (it's really clay) that I think I have to make a raised bed, etc. which seems like a lot of work/money.