Tuesday, January 5, 2010

...and you thought stripping was fun!

Today I met with a lady from Craigslist who was selling her cloth diapers. I won't get into all the crazy deets, but long story short:

I went thinking I'd spend $70 and walk away with 4 or so diapers and her Snappis. Yeah after a bit of haggling, I bought her ENTIRE... yes, you hear me right, ENTIRE stash of diapers. I have some Chinese prefolds, some Bum Genius All in Ones, a few Imse Vimse covers, a couple of Bumkins, Wonderoos, a million doublers, some adorable Work at Home Mom diapers, and 2 snappis. Included are 2 diapers with My Little Pony on them. We don't discriminate (we have a pink bottle, too) and the price was right! I think I walked away with 75 items!!!

::stops and catches breath::
All for the amazing $100! The Father and I'd estimated that we'd have to spend $800 on CDs to have enough to last LBGs entire diapering career. I think we may have enough to last us the entire time with our bare bones stash.

Yes, disposables will still be in the drawer for long outings during the day, nighttime, and road trips. They will also be the backups for those times that I just can't get the laundry done.

On to the "fun" project of stripping all the diapers. Stripping is a process in which you remove all the nasty buildup and stink from dingy diapers. You add boiling water to your hot water wash cycle with just a dab of Dawn. Then you do a rinse cycle. Another wash with something amazing called RLR (go buy some now... it's the bee's knees!) and then rinse and rinse and rinse until the water is clear.

Yeah, no. 24 rinse cycles later... the inserts, doublers, and prefolds are complete. Now I have to do all the covers, AIOs, Pockets, and WAHMs!!!! Let's hope this isn't the same number. I can see my water bill climbing by the rinse.