Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Meatless Monday- The Inaugural Event...

Was slightly a bust.  Here is how the whole thing went down.

Sunday, I escaped ran out for a few minutes to buy this weeks groceries.  I had my handy-dandy list in tow along with with my reusable bags and my list of the Dirty Dozen.  At the advice of an anonymous reader, we were going to have squash with brown sugar.  I was super excited to try a new recipe. 

I got all my groceries, paid, then headed home.  Upon arriving home... dang it, I forgot to buy squash!!!!!  Moving on to plan B.  Broccoli with cheese sauce and baked potatoes.  I love broccoli so I was super excited.  I even found a recipe for cheese sauce with out the use of a can of chedder cheese and a slice of American product (I refuse to call it cheese!)

Monday rolls around and The Father calls to inform me that he has an event at work at 6pm.  I assume it will take 2 hours then he will have to drive an hour to get home.  9 pm is a bit late to be eating dinner, so I decided that we could just fend for ourselves and I'll cook the broccoli a different night.

For my dinner, I had a bagel with goat's milk cream cheese and for his, he ate the left over banana nut muffins.  We were both really proud of ourselves for going a whole day meatless.  I knew it wouldn't be hard, but The Father admitted it was much easier than he anticipated. 

Hopefully next week will go a little better.  I was really looking forward to cooking a new dish!