Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Downside of Freecycle

I'm going to complain for a moment...

Today I checked my email account that recieves offers and requests from Freecycle.  What I saw was absolutely appalling!  I supposed when you have people giving away things for free with no strings attached, the greedies of the world will emerge and abuse the system.  I know it's not just my local one that has people asking for insane requests because I've read some horror stories. 

You can imaging the shock on my face when when I read the first request.  Someone was asking for a piano!  A PIANO!  Those hunks of wood with 88 keys don't come cheap and are usually passed from generation to generation.  Asking for a free one is like asking someone else to buy a house for you.  If your child is taking music lessons that awesome!  I know they will need an instrument practice so why not ask your church or the child's school if they can use a piano for practicing.  Please don't ask someone to give you one for free...  If a charity or community center had asked for one, I'd have no issue.  That's what a donation is.

On top of this... the same person has asked for a treadmill!!!!!!  Again, a very expensive piece of equipment.  A very unnecessary piece of equipment at that.  Is it too hard to go for a walk or run outside?  Go out, enjoy nature while getting back into shape... don't ask for someone to provide you with something expensive so you can run while watching tv inside.  That's just silly!

People, please use your brain and stop being greedy!