Friday, January 15, 2010

Story Time

The Father and I love reading to LBG.  Green Eggs and Ham and Where the Wild Things Are are favorites, but I've realized sometime I want to read my own books, too.  By the end of the night I'm torn between crocheting and reading.  Lately crocheting has won because I can also watch TV while hooking.  Here is my solution:  read my books to LBG! 

What an awesome idea!  The past couple of days we've been learning about eating locally by reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.  I've found the book to be insanely inspirational!  How inspirational, you ask?  Lets just say I grew up on a farm with cows, goats, chickens, ducks, horses... you name it, we probably had it minus pigs.  Of course... peacocks roamed the pastures for a while!  I did everything I could to get away from the farm.  It wasn't who I was.  After reading the chapter about chickens, I actually asked The Father if we could get some!  Then I asked if we could have a goat!

Yeah... it's THAT inspirational!  So while LBG might now understand the concept of why we can't have strawberries in December, I'm hoping that he will at least enjoy hearing the rhythm of my reading.  Next up, we will be reading Justine by the Maquis de Sade!  Just kidding!