Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Verdict is In

I hate the smell of Tea Tree Oil.
Remember when I said I'd be adding some to my All-Purpose Cleaner? Well, I did and I hate it. It makes everything smell musty. I knew this would probably be the case because I've used it before in other applications and hated the smell. I guess I'd been hoping the almond scent from my Dr. Bronner's soap would mask it. Yeah, no.

While I knew I didn't care for the smell, today cemented it when I used the cleaner to not only wipe down my counters, but also my kitchen floor. I spent the day trying to escape the smell!

It now boils down to the question: do I continue to use it regardless of the smell? TTO, just like any other essential oil has some wonderful properties. It's been show to stall MRSA activity and it doesn't cause resistance, it's great for acne, and will even help with foot fungus.

The inner battle has begun.