Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Rip it... Rip it good!

What can you get with $2.50, a little patience, and some time?

A ton of amazing yarn!

Here is what you do. You take a trip down to your favorite thrift store, find an awesome sweater that hasn't been serged at them seams and unravel the whole thing! This is a time honored technique affectionately known as "Frogging."

You could buy a wool sweater and felt it. Then you can cut it up and make something exciting out of it! Felting is super easy. You load your 100% wool item into a pillow case and wash it with a load of towels, jeans, whatever floats your boat with HOT water for a long wash cycle. Then dry it in the dryer. If you want to be extra special sure it's felted, Lather. Rinse, Repeat!

A frogging we will go... A frogging we will go!!!

Oh yeah, per usual, you have to be patient and you might see some photos!