Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Give Me a C! Give Me an S! Give Me an A!!!

Every year I suggest The Father and I give ourselves a joint Christmas gift. I suggest a new TV, silverware, even suggested a vacation once. Without fail, he always shoots down my ideas and never offers any suggestions. This year I was determined to find something he might actually agree to.

About a week ago, an idea slapped me across the face! We should treat ourselves to a CSA!

A CSwhat? Community Shared Agriculture. It's the wave of the future. Just imagine eating locally grown/produced foods, helping a farmer do what he does best, and being able to see where your food comes from. To me, the concept is amazing. The best part... The Father agreed to it! In fact, he is actually super excited about our adventure.

The first step was to check out and find what CSA are available in our area. We have decided to go with Avalon Acres Farms. They have a huge variety of items available, and their menu is fairly a la carte! The best part is that they have a drop off site down the street from The Father's office!

We will be joining in the Spring when we move to Nashville. I'm excited because I'll get fresh produce for baby food making and The Father is in love with the idea that they have lamb as one of the meat options!

Just days after we made our decision, we borrowed Food, inc. from our local library- and somehow I lost my library card in the process! After watching the movie, it became very clear that we want to eat better foods. We want to meet our farms and make sure the animals we will soon be eating are raised in a wonderfully humane way. I highly suggest you watch the movie before you put another bite of food in your mouth!