Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

This year, our poor Christmas tree was the topic of a large debate. We have a fake one. It gets used year after year, isn't exactly a fire hazard, and no water to ruin our floors... sounds like a great deal to me!

The decor, on the other hand, brought about this great debate. In our move this past summer, I seemed to have lost all of our lights and ornaments. That's right, there was a huge possibility we would have a castrated tree this year. The Father and I made a deal. He had until the end of the week to find our decorations and lights or I would be purchase all new ones! He had made a great point. Why buy something new if the old ones work just as well?

There was a method to my madness, I assure you! I wanted to convert our lights to Light-emitting Diodes better known as LEDs. They use very little energy and last a veeeeeeery long time! Some research online taught me that I should invest in "warm white" LEDs rather than cool white. OK! Those old lights better not show up!

Low and behold! The Father made the deadline. Lights, balls, and tinsel (kinda like lock, stock, and barrel.) With half a smile on my face, I wound the old lights around our hunk of plastic in the shape of a tree. I must admit our tree is beautiful!

Here is my vow- Next year our tree with be adorned with LEDs or there will be no lights at all!