Sunday, December 27, 2009

Stabbing Baby!

Throughout my entire pregnancy, I kept hearing the various debates about vaccinations. I fully believe in the benefits of vaccinating a child and knew that we would be vaccinating LBG. I don't like the idea of depending on other kids to be vaccinated in order to keep my unvaccinated child healthy. However, I didn't exactly know which schedule we would follow. We'd decided to waive the Hep B vaccine while in the hospital because we knew there was very low risk of LBG contracting it. We could always get it at the pediatric clinic.

The CDC has their recommended schedule and Dr. Sears has his. Both make sense to me. What was I to do? We could go fewer trips to the pediatrician and follow the CDC schedule or we could go almost every month and follow Dr. Sears'.

The CDC version involves a lot of injections all at once. Dr. Sears suggest spreading the vaccine out and only doing a few at a time.

The more and more The Father and I discussed schedules, the more and more it seemed to make sense for us to use Dr. Sear's schedule. Then one idea cemented it for us. What if LBG has a terrible reaction? How would we know which vaccine caused it? If we only did a few at a time, then we could narrow down the possibilties.

There ya have it! Dr. Sears for us. We will continue to delay the Hep B vaccine until he is older and starts socilizing with other children.

So, now you probably wondering why I'm writing this. LBG turned 2 months old on the 17th but our pedi cancelled his appointment and rescheduled it for Tuesday. Tuesday is the big day. Our vaccine journey is about to begin. Hopefully it isn't too traumatic.

Please wish us luck!