Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Let's chat about MamaCloth!

On a daily basis, I go back and forth as to whether we should try cloth diapers. Most days, I tell myself, YES! Let's do it. Then reality hits. We formula-feed which makes for some heinously stinky poops. We take those dirty diapers outside to the trash bin where they will sit until the garbage man comes. The Father isn't convinced at all. He wants nothing to do with cloth diapers. Of course, if we were to give it a go, we'd both have to be on board 100%.

So, if I can't give my baby a fluffy bum, why not treat myself to some? I'd used cloth panty liners during my 3rd trimester and was very happy with them. They aren't the best construction but they got the job done. I recently decided to fully make the switch to cloth pads. After scouring my new favorite website, Etsy.com, I chose Crea8tiveMama, as the seller who would pad my undies!

She did not disappoint! I sent her a message asking if she would do a custom order for me. She gladly fulfilled my order of 6 everyday pads, 4 overnights, and a wet bag! Since there are very few surprises left in life, I was not picky about fabrics.

A few days later, I opened my mailbox and was shocked to see a cereal box hidden among a few bills and some catalogs. She used recycled packaging! Such a wonderful idea! Not only has she helped me become a little "greener," she has inspired me! I'm now saving random boxes for mailing out packages.

They arrived just in time for me to try them out! I don't have a single complaint! As soon as I take one off, it goes into a bucket of cold water. There they will sit until it's time to do laundry!

Washing was super easy. I just tossed them into the wash with my undies-nothing special.

Will I be ordering more? You Betcha! I consider my stash very small and as soon as the holidays are over, I'll be placing another order!