Saturday, December 26, 2009

Oh Man!!! What a day?!

OK, first I'll tell you about Christmas... then you get to hear about today!

Christmas Eve, LBG didn't want to go to sleep. Too bad he isn't old enough to understand that Santa Claus can't come if he isn't asleep. We fought for 2 hours *sigh* until he finally decided it was ok to sleep. The Father and I had already set out our gifts and many had already been opened while the Grandparents were visiting last weekend.

In the morning we opened gifts. I won't list everything... just some highlights:
  • I recieved 3 stainless steel canteens, a fleece coat, some gift cards, tons of yummy bath supplies, and some coffee.
  • The Father recieved 2 books about Nashville, coffee, some gift cards, and some coffee.
  • LBG cleaned Santa out recieving some wooden bead toys, unfinished wood car and train waiting for me to paint with milk paint, some wooden puzzles waiting to be painted, new bottles, a jumperoo, some cds, a dvd, and some books.
Since patience is a virtue, you'll have to be patient as I slowly upload some photos. I take lots of them, I promise... They just don't make it to the computer in a timely manner.

Now, for today! The Father totally shocked me when he said "Ok, let's give cloth diapers a shot!" I just about fell off the couch! We are buying a few from someone on craigslist and then we will order the rest in January. Right now we are "practicing" with our Gerber burp cloths. So far, no complaints from either party. It can only get better when we buy our better quality stash.

We ran a bunch of errands which included buying the rails for LBG's crib. Now, he will have a full size bed when he is all grown up. We then drove across town to my favorite farm store and purchased a pressure canner! We are making apple butter in the crockpot as we speak and will can it in the morning. This is our practice round for the spring, summer, and fall. Lastly, we continued on to an outdoors store where I purchased 3 containers of redworms. They are now living in our homemade worm bin in the downstairs bathroom. Hope any future guests don't mind climbing the stairs.

In other news, we are still waiting to hear if the bank accepted our offer on the house in Nashville.

All in all, we were busy, but I had a blast.