Tuesday, December 22, 2009

To Chug or to Sip- this is the question

Recently, a friend planted an a new idea in my head. She is planning to skip sippy cups all together and go straight for the straw! She said her reasoning was to avoid a second weaning. Wouldn't it be easier to head straight for the straw rather than go from bottle to sippy cup, to cup with a straw?

Just days before she brought this idea to my attention, I'd discovered Stainless Steel sippy cups! I knew we would be investing in a few! But, of course, now that I have this idea of skipping sippy cups planted in my head, what was I to do?

Straight to Google, I ran!

Sure enough there might actually be benefits to skipping the sippy cup. I've learned that it can reduce the risk of ear infections, and might actually help speech development! Not to mention you don't have to wean from the sippy cup to the cup with a straw or regular cup for that matter.

But... but... but... I want those stainless cups! Never fear, google came to the rescue, again!

I'd like to introduce to you:
The Safe Sippy 2!

This little piece of awesomeness is my dream come true. Not only is a regular stainless sippy cup, it converts into a cup with a straw! Which ever way we decide to go, LBG can have his juice in style!